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Planes require specific maintenance and care to remain in their best shape and condition. Leaving planes exposed to the elements when they are not in use can cause major damage to the structure and to the engine. Aircraft storage is essential, especially in areas with harsh weather conditions. Let Roberts Air South Inc be your aircraft storage facility in Homestead, FL.

Having a dedicated facility for airplane storage is an important aspect of being a responsible pilot. For larger companies with multiple aircrafts to store, having aircraft storage becomes even more imperative. Improperly storing a plane can severely limit its lifespan. Eventually, these planes will need to be retired from flying and may end up in an aircraft graveyard.

Extend the life of your plane with Roberts Air South Inc’s aircraft storage. We offer weather resistant storage environments where airplanes can be stored temporarily or for the long-term. We ensure that the planes are stored in areas that are conducive to preservation. We help our customers keep aircraft in the best condition before eventual wear and tear reduces them to scrap metal.

Our aircraft storage keeps aircraft safe from harsh winds, sun damage, torrential rain, heavy snowfall, dust, debris, vandalism, and defacement. We keep windows and glass tightly covered, and we seal the exterior with quality material and aircraft tie downs. Additionally, we have security protection to make sure no one has access to the aircraft when they should not.

Avoid sending your airliner to an airplane boneyard before its useful lifespan has expired. Pilots in Homestead, FL can count on Roberts Air South Inc to protect all kinds aircraft temporarily or for longer periods of time. Make the most of your plane with proper aircraft storage now.

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